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About Me

I am a front-end developer and currently live in Hangzhou, China.

I currently use React, Vue and other technology stacks, and also undertake the development of Node.js middle layer.


In addition to front-end development, I am also a BGP player.


AS38179 is my experimental backbone network. Planning as a transit AS autonomous domain


AS207292 is my core autonomous domain, which carries all the services of YuYan, and also bears the international traffic of YuYan's home network. It is a dual stack network.

Ham Radio

Currently holds a C Class license issued by MIIT (CN) and a Tech Class license issued by FCC (US)


QSL Via BH2RO,CRAC BURO. All logo upload LOTW

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重新开始写博客了!还有一些最近的琐事 2021.08.30

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